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Welcome to CPM Mould Solutions – delivering expert solutions for injection moulding in the UK. With multiple locations in the UK and China, we’re enviably positioned as one of the world’s leading mould makers – providing cost effective and accurate design, consultancy and manufacture. As well as mould making, we also offer plastic injection moulding and machined plastic components too.

Our flexibility and capability to develop sophisticated moulds for precision industries such as medical, telecoms and aerospace is a result of our complete in-house control of the mould making process. Our mould makers lead the way in accurate and long-lasting solutions for injection moulding in the UK, and our Chinese operation delivers exceptional technical moulds and ultra-high cavity moulds that are used by plastic injection moulding companies across the globe. We have developed a reputation for our meticulous attention to detail and the integrity of our injection moulding solutions, with UK competitors trailing behind our cost-effective mould making and aggressive lead times.

Talk to the mould makers at CPM and you’ll quickly realise the breadth of knowledge and experience available to you and your requirements for plastic injection moulding. UK companies come to us for complex and cost-efficient solutions that can include multi-cavity moulds with up to 96 cavities, and over-moulding – in fact we’re confident we offer the most advanced continuous strip over-moulding in the country, with strip motion built into the mould itself.

Using the very latest techniques in CAD and CAM our expert mould-makers can translate your design ideas into prototype or production moulds quickly and efficiently, and we offer a full maintenance and repair service in addition to mould construction. Whether you require high-quality solutions for plastic injection moulding, or need us to produce the finished components themselves, our mould makers in the UK and China deliver exceptional results every time.

On time, and on budget – CPM is the obvious choice for your injection moulding needs in the UK – call us now for more information on 01494 782131, and see what we can do for you.