DEC 12, 2013

4 things you will use this winter made from plastic

We’re busier than ever during the winter at Chesham Moulds making all types of plastic products for our customers. You probably use some of our items without even realising it, plastic injection moulding creates so many weird and wonderful products. We’ve listed a few items made from plastic moulding in this latest blog, bet you use some, in not all of the following before the spring arrives.

  1. Ice scraper: Hate cold mornings? So does the vast majority of the UK, it’s horrible to wake up to freezing weather conditions, especially when you have to de-ice the car. Chip away at a frozen windscreen and you quickly lose the will to live. Use an ice scraper made from plastic though and it’ll make short work of this labour-intensive process. A quick squirt of de-icer will help as well, you’ll soon have your screen clear and be ready for your commute to work.

  2. Snow shovel: We have a mixed feeling to snow in this country. Fun lovers think it’s brilliant, the only problem is it normally turns to slush after a few days. Still, it looks great when it first drops but you might need a plastic headed snow shovel to clear 6 inches of the white stuff from your paths and driveway. Set to work with a shovel made by plastic injection moulding and you’ll soon have access ways clear.  

  3. Sledge: When it does snow it’s good to take advantage whilst you can, so nip out and buy a plastic sledge if you haven’t got one already in your garage. Choose a traditional sledge or opt for one of those funny round discs, both versions are made from plastic injection moulds. If it’s going to snow you might as well have a little fun, the kids will love it and you’ll roll back the years as well.

  4. Salt scoop/spreader: After a day or two snow often turns to ice and this can be rather perilous on footpaths and walkways. Tubs of salt will come in useful at this point and you can scoop the salt out and scatter it across the ice using a plastic spreader. Dig deep with the scoop, cover every single inch of the ice and you’ll soon have clear pathways around the house.

Get ready for the winter with a range of products made from plastic injection moulding, the worst of the cold weather will be here before you know it!

Created on 12th December 2013
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