CPM Mould Solutions

Mouldmaking in China Since 2000

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We will communicate your mould specifications to China, manage all mould design control and monitor quality control throughout the manufacturing process. We shall personally attend design review meetings or mould trials Etc. in China as required.

The mould will be fully endorsed by CPM Mould Solutions UK and workmanship guaranteed for 12 months or other agreed term. Where possible maintenance & support work will be carried out either on your site or in our own UK tool room.

Mould manufacture

2 Facilities in China.

One suited to pristine highly technical and or ultra high cavity moulds. The other to high quality lower volume or lesser cavitation moulds.

CPM Mould Solutions in China

Moulding and assembly in China - The full package!

CPM can offer the full package including production of moulded parts, machined inserts or pressed parts for over moulding, spray painting, RF shielding, clean room moulding, clean room assembly & packaging, in mould decoration, assembly, packaged and despatched ready to market! Enormous capacity for economical manufacture of multiple moulds. Shorter deliveries for sizeable moulds.

CPM Mould Solutions in China

Economical prices

You may find cheaper in the far-east but it may be difficult to better the quality and reliability on a like for like basis.